Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Multimedia Class Project "Mealtime with Family & Friends".....

Class: "Intro to Multimedia"
Project: To tell a story with images and music
Software: Final Cut Express on a MAC
Project Title: "Mealtime... with Family & Friends"
Music: "Raise Your Glass" by Pink and "We Speak No Americano" by Yolanda Be Cool and D Cup

I'm taking three classes this spring (2011) sememster. One of them is "Intro to Multimedia".

Our first project was to "Tell A Story..." with images and music. So, I thought, what should I tell a story about? I was thinking, "A Day in the Life of a Four Year Old" or, maybe "Mealtime with Family & Friends". I finally decided on the meal.

The actors of my mini-movie are my family and friends. Besides those who are in the movie, there were other family and friends behind the scenes. In order to eat up all the food afterwards so it would not go to waste, I needed extra people...LOL


For the story, I wanted to have lots of food and show family and friends enjoying a meal together.

On the day of the shoot, Friday, February 4, 2011, I cooked spaghetti, biscuits, baked a cake, brownies and muffins. Plus, I bought salad and we had either three or four pizza's and other stuff. When my son got home from work, he cooked a couple of beer can chicken's which turned out most excellent. It was great!


Our next two class days, we had the whole class period to work on putting together the movie. It was fun editing the music and images.

Now I know some basics on how to use Final Cut Express.


At home, I have the Adobe CS5 Master Collection on a PC (I want to get a MAC someday so that I can have both the PC and a MAC). When I get a chance, I need to try and make another mini-movie utilizing Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Premiere looks similar and somewhat works the same as Final Cut Express. Of course, PC's and MAC's are somewhat similar, yet they are still somewhat different... it's good to know how to work on both. It will be good to have some knowledge in both programs.


Below is my final project. Enjoy!

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